The Benefit Auctioneer

Successful fundraising events require an emcee who can entertain, engage and encourage your audience to open their wallets. Who are you going to pick for the job? A volunteer? A local celebrity? A member of your organization?

Many Nonprofits assume the job of hosting is simple - any outgoing person who isn’t afraid of public speaking can surely do it, right? This assumption can hurt an organization's chances for success. It may be time to reconsider and look at hiring a professional benefit auctioneer.

The most common reason Nonprofits avoid hiring a professional charity auctioneer is the expense. This rational is short sighted because these professionals offer more than just gravitas when it comes to running a successful fundraiser. 

Whether you are expecting 30 guests or 300, paying for a professional benefit auctioneer to run your event is an essential part of hosting a successful fundraiser. Here’s why...

1. Benefit Auctioneers are Fundraising Specialists

2. Benefit Auctioneers are Consultants

3. Benefit Auctioneers are Crowd Pleasers

4. Benefit Auctioneers Raise More Money

If you have a fundraising event on the horizon that includes a benefit auction, improve your chances for success by hiring a professional benefit auctioneer to run the event and consult with you in the planning process. Hire the best, Greer Auction Services.
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