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Your charity does an annual charity auction but it always seems to have a few problems - profits haven't
increased, the auctioneer is good but no one can hear him very well, the buffet line takes forever for dinner,
etc. There are many more reasons that your auction doesn't work but you're moving ahead to have another
event that will be just like the last one. How can you make a change when nobody is excited about the evening?

You can hire Greer Auction Services and turn everything around.

An auction for charity needs to be a first-class event. That doesn't mean you'll spend unlimited amounts of
money. It means that you want everything about the evening to be memorable.
  You Want:
  • check-in to go smoothly
  • the silent auction to feature items that everyone wants
  • the live auction to be unique, one-of-a-kind experiences
  • a Fund A Cause that brings everyone's emotions to a high level
  • an auctioneer that understands the role your charity plays in your community
  • an auctioneer that understands the way to encourage bidding at a charity event
  • check-out to go smoothly
  • everyone to understand that the auction is the entertainment for the evening
  • If you want a successful evening, contact us at Greer Auction Services, call us at (713) 825-2300 or go to our Contact Page and send us a message.
    Your results will be what you've always wanted from your event

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